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Q Switch

High Power Q-Switched module is used for the non-invasive removal of various colored tattoos and benign pigmented lesions, providing deep penetration for fast, safe, and efficient removal. By utilizing our unique 5x5 tip you can now offer non-ablative fractionated skin resurfacing with this module.

Uniquely designed for use with the HarmonyXL platform, it is the only device available with the Q switch integrated into the module and not as a stand-alone device.
This breakthrough technology enables physicians to offer a wide range of treatments as part of the HarmonyXL platform, including:

  • Dark tattoo inks (black, blue, green) using the 1064nm wavelength
  • Light tattoo inks (red, orange, yellow) using the 532nm wavelength
  • Benign deep pigmented lesions - easily switch between the 1064nm and 532nm (KTP) adaptors
  • Non ablative fractionated skin resurfacing

With significantly higher power output than other aesthetic medical laser devices, High Power Q-Switched module delivers double the amount of energy by way of multiple pulses. Unlike single pulse devices, it achieves high peak power with maximum spot size, ideal for treating pigmented lesions.

  • Efficacious results with no down time
  • Safe and accurate treatment
  • Fast treatment
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handpiece

The module boasts numerous safety features, including double triggering.

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